Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CAL located?

Consumables Analytical Laboratory, LLC

Santa Paula, CA 93060 – Ventura County

Who collects the samples?

Sample collection for all Regulatory Compliance testing must be done by CAL’s trained laboratory personnel. Samples for R&D research and development or exploratory testing (conducted prior to final packaging for resale) do not have to be collected by the laboratory. NOTE: CAL will only accept samples delivered to our lab by a BCC licensed business or transporter. Advance scheduling of these deliveries is required. All samples must be accompanied by an Analysis Request Form.

Does CAL charge for sampling?

In most cases, sample collection is no charge. There may be, a nominal fee for locations beyond our service areas. You will be made aware of this charge in advance of any scheduled sampling event.

What payment methods are accepted by CAL?

Our policy is to require COD payments for all first-time customers (with few exceptions). For established customers, we will provide an invoice at the time of sample collection and extend credit, with payment due in 10 days or less. We offer a 5% discount for payment made by check or credit card.

How much sample is needed for testing?

For R&D testing, the amount of sample is at the discretion of the cultivator/manufacturer and may vary depending upon the type of sample and testing requested. The laboratory can offer guidance on the amount of sample needed to produce accurate results.

For Regulatory Compliance testing, the BCC sets the minimum amount of sample. The sample amounts are divided into unpacked harvest batches and product batches for all others. See the table below. Samples for regulatory compliance testing are reported to the METRC track and trace system.

What sample collection services are offered?

Per BCC requirements, Regulatory Compliance samples must be collected and transported by an employee of the testing laboratory. CAL provides sampling services to ensure defensible documentation of the sample collection process and proper transport to the analytical laboratory.

Can R&D samples be shipped to the lab?

CAL accepts R&D sample deliveries to our lab from BCC licensed businesses only. These samples must be pre-scheduled, received by our staff, opened, inventoried and logged-in. If you are located in CAL’s service area, we can arrange for sample pick up in most cases. All deliveries must be accompanied by an Analysis Request Form.

How do I get started?

After we receive your Analysis Request Form, a CAL customer service representative will contact you to discuss your request and to answer any questions. If you wish to have CAL sample and test your product, one of our helpful staff will assist you in scheduling the event and setting up your customer account.

How long does it take to get my test results?

The standard turn-around time (TAT) from collection of sample, to a reported result, can range from 3 to 7 days depending upon the type and quantity of product. A TAT estimate is given upon receipt of your details provided in an Analysis Request Form.

What if a test fails?

If testing is being conducted for final compliance at the distributor level, and the test results fall outside the accepted limits (fails), the batch will need to be remediated or destroyed. Since these results are legally binding, they will be reported to the Bureau. If testing fails for R&D purposes, these results will not be reported to the Bureau.

Whom do I contact with any questions?

We welcome your questions and will strive to get them answered in a quick and efficient manner. Call (805) 883-1155 to speak with a customer service representative or leave a message. You may also submit your questions online at